Astrological Players: Planets, Nodes and Asteroids

Astrological Players: Planets, Nodes and Asteroids


Astrology is the combination of astronomy, mathematics and intuitive interpretation. This is
the practice of Vibrational Astrology so we include the highest and lowest octave of each sign.

(the planets, nodes and asteroids)

Ascendant sign: The placement of the Ascendant is determined by what constellation was rising
in the East when we were born. Energetically stamping us. We look at the Ascendant to see
how we express through our personalities. This is how others view us.

MC: Is the midheaven or Medium Coeli. This is what we look at to determine our professional
career and eventually our Souls highest Life path back to Source.

Sun : We look at the placement of the Sun to determine how our ego and our will is manifested.
This is how we view ourselves. Highest expression is how our Soul Shines.

Moon : We look at the Moon placement to see the expression of the subconscious, how we get
our emotional needs met and how we express our emotions. Our passion.

Mercury: We look at the placement of Mercury to understand how we think and how we perceive
our world. We express our perceptions through our ability to communicate.

Venus: We look at the placement of Venus to learn about how we love and behave in
relationships. Most importantly we can look at Venus to focus on our inner female and how to
align her in the highest vibration. The women in our lives are reflections of our inner female.

Mars: We look at Mars in the chart to learn about what motivates us. This is our drive. Most
importantly we can look to Mars to focus on our inner male and how to align him in his highest
vibration. The men in our lives are reflections of our inner male.

Jupiter: Jupiter is the planet of Faith, believing in the beyond. Expansion through opportunities.
Jupiter opens us up. Jupiter says play now and pay later. We look to Jupiter to understand what
will shift us to bring us closer to our Divine selves.

Saturn: Through Saturn and its placement we learn our lessons. Saturn is pay now and play
later; restrictions, law, karma, etc and our Father energy. When we learn our lessons and pay
our dues regarding our inner daemons; lessons turn into Blessings and we are able to become
the Self Master.

Uranus:. Electric waves. This is how, where and when change and awakening takes place. If we
choose to awaken before we are shocked with change it is gentler or easier for us to handle and
accept an awakening. Kundalini Consciousness.

Neptune: The energy of this planet is the dream time. We are either in our illusions and
delusions or our highest spiritual expression. We are the dreamer and we are the dream. I am
GOD’s dream.

Pluto: The energy of transmutation. How we let go of all that no longer aligns in our Highest.
This is when we experience death, rebirth and transformation. This is how we become the
Phoenix that rises from the ashes.

Chiron: He was the wounded healer who could not heal himself. We look to the energy of
Chiron to learn about our own wounds and to deal, feel and heal them. With this accomplished
we have the keys to assisting others on their healing path.

South Node: Past lives. We can understand where our past lives have been and where we have
been stuck. We must let go of lower vibrational past life behaviors in this lifetime and then we
can access our highest expression. We are able to release low patterns and start to express our

North node: We are able to understand our Soul evolution and ultimately graduation from Earth
University. We look to our North Node to lead the way.

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