Coherent Light

Personal Coherent Light Wands

Blue Wand: Crown Chakra and cooling energy

Green Wand: Heart Chakra and gentle healing

Red Wand: Root Chakra and heating energy

Quartz Crystals are programmable. Quartz can balance and revitalize the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual planes. Quartz can cleanse and enhance the organs and subtle bodies. Quartz can be a catalyst, facilitating a deep soul cleansing, connecting the physical dimension with the mind.

Coherent light is usually monochromatic. Light in which the phases of all electromagnetic waves at each point on a line normal to the direction of the the beam are identical. Coherent means alignment of the light waves. Coherent also means to be clear in communication.

Quartz crystals and coherent Light in combination create an incredible tool. Through the ability to “program” or set intention as well as activate the crystals with the coherent Light, the properties of the wands are powerful. The coherent Light has consciousness. Connected communication of the waves.

$111 per wand or all 3 for $300

Benjamin Lonetree Engineer, Scientist, Inventor

Benjamin Lonetree

Scientist, Engineer, Inventor

Experience the Sedona Vortex

Experience the Energy of a Sedona Vortex on the table. The Sound of the Vortices have been recorded by Engineer Benjamin Lonetree. Ben has created a vibration bed. This allows the sound and feeling of each Vortex to be channeled through the massage table and thus interacts with your energetic field. While on the healing table and under the Chakra Lights, your energy will align with the Vibration of Mother Earth! This is the only Center that offers this experience!

Relax, Release, Receive!

Light and Sound Frequency Healing! Lay on a bed of heated crystals (jade, amethyst, tourmaline), energy grid, nikkon magnets, under the chakra lights, surrounded by the Tesla coils, while you feel/hear the vortex! 30min/$111

Experience 7 Quartz crystals activated with laser wands that focus light onto the body. The coherent light clears and aligns our energy system called Chakras. The Chakras are 7 major energy centers that connect us to the Universal Energy. These energy centers can become dull and dense due to traumas in our life. The Coherent Light System clears and aligns our energy centers and restores it to a state of pure light. This is frequency resonancey. The ability of pure light to restore another dimmer light into the highest frequency. Set intention to align your energy field into a higher vibration. Rejuvenation and a deep realignment is the feeling described when receiving.

The Lakhovsky disks and Tesla coils pulse energy around and into the body. This helps to rebuild our bio-electric immune system. The energy pulses through our Auric field. The Auric field consists of seven layers that corelate to the chakras. The consistent pulsing breaks up and clears the energetic densities in our field from traumas. The Bio-Energetics of our Heart creates a donut shaped field called a Torus. The use of the Coherent Light amplifies the energetics of the Heart. The bigger, brighter and wider the torus the more we feel connected to the world around us!

Coherent Light Experience Enhancements


The anointment and inhalation of essential oils in vibrational therapy.

L.E.D. Light Therapy

Experience the bliss of poylchromatic and infrared lights. Relax on a heated crystal bed under the LED pads. Stimulating energy, ATP, collagen and nitric oxide, pain and inflammation are reduced.

Coherent Light Experience Enhancements

Flower Essences

After the Session, the use of Flower Essences to complete the vibrational shift.


Cupping is an incredible way to clear deep toxins from the body. Where there is an accumulation of cellular waste, there is pain. Cupping brings waste to the surface and enables the body to release.

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