I am Honored and Blessed to assist each and every Being that has requested my Service through my Spiritual Healing Gifts. During our session together I will guide you through breath work and visualizations for your inner journey that will enhance your healing experience. Breath is Prana or life force, and conscious breath brings the healing energy deep within. When directed with focused intention into the body, the healing energies move dense, blocked and stagnant energy out. Old energy is used up life force that may be held in the tissues due to traumatic and stressful situations. Releasing the stagnant energies allows new energy full of vital life force to nourish and heal the entire being form the inside out. Meditation brings us closer to our Divine Self. Visualization assists with the healing process. The images that we are able to visualize, we are able to manifest. These techniques are simple and easy to learn. They become tools to be used every day and will continue to unfold like a blossoming flower.

While you activate Prana and visualize your healing from within, I am tuned into your highest self. I see your Energetic “map“ and use keys to unlock the blocks. I follow your body as you open and unfold. I am intuitive and dowse without judgment or agenda. I often see and hear information that will be of service for you to release and realign your body and your life. I may use a combination of tuning forks and crystals or Himalayan bowls as well as cranio-sacral, reiki, visceral or lymphatic drainage and finish with a gong bath. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) 0ur organs “house“ our emotions. The Lungs holds onto grief, the liver holds onto anger, the Kidneys hold onto safety and security issues etc. Our traumas, dramas, pain and suffering become energetic densities that we stuff away. Over time the wounds fester and we begin to see health issues. The practice of opening the organs, breaking up the densities, restoring the correct chi and lymphatic flow results in healthier organs and therefore healthier Body, Mind and Soul.

Each session is unique and varies according to where you are in the moment. Each session builds upon and is supported by the previous treatment.

Healing Journey Combinations

Many people come into Sedona to work on their personal healing journey. They are seeking relief from childhood traumas or to find closure from relationship transitions. Many people are awakening and realize life is not as it seems. If you are on a healing journey and wish for a package that will assist you through your transitions, I can accommodate you. I am connected to top healers in Sedona and can assist you in choosing who to see or where to go!

Popular Combination Package

Land Journey

Kundalini Yoga


Sound Healing

Energetic tune up

Sedona Retreats and Gatherings

I accommodate incoming Sedona retreats and gatherings, whether it is for yoga, personal healing or bridal showers. I travel to your site, Air BnB or home (travel fees apply). I am connected to the top healers in Sedona for a complete experience and will assist you if you are not sure who to see and what to do!

Suggested Retreat Offerings


Sound Healings in house or on the Land

Oracle Readings

Kundalini Yoga

Experience the Sedona Vortex

Experience the Energy of a Sedona Vortex on the table. The Sound of the Vortices have been recorded by Engineer Benjamin Lonetree. Ben has created a vibration bed. This allows the sound and feeling of each Vortex to be channeled through the massage table and thus interacts with your energetic field. While on the healing table and under the Chakra Lights, your energy will align with the Vibration of Mother Earth! This is the only Center that offers this experience!

Relax, Release, Receive!

Light and Sound Frequency Healing! Lay on a bed of heated crystals (jade, amethyst, tourmaline), energy grid, nikkon magnets, under the chakra lights, surrounded by the Tesla coils, while you feel/hear the vortex! 30min/$111

Cathedral Rock Vortex

Chavez Vista Vortex

Energy Based Sessions

Suggested for addressing Spiritual, Emotional and Mental Clearing

All sessions are performed while on the Light frequency bed!

Energetic Clearing

Focused on Chakras and Auric layers

(Long Distance Session Available through Zoom)

Clearing and removal of energetic blockages, cords tears, densities, and restoration of the Chakras, Auric Field, Sushumna, Ida and Pingala. I tune in and tap into the energetic field that co-creates the hologram that is you. As your physical body is clearing while on the Light bed, I connect into  your Energetic bodies and psychically journey with you to assist your transformation. Information that has been stored and needs to be released will rise up through the layers. Past lives, conception wounds, in-utero wounds and childhood wounds will present themselves. I will walk you through the experience, collect the information to assist and guide you into the Highest version of your Divine Self.  Long distance sessions are available. I create a crystal grid, call in your an energetic template and work with your Sacred Geometry!  $155/hr

Vibrational Healing: Energetic Tune Up 

(In office only)

Shift your vibration to shift your life. Allow your Body, Mind and Soul to release, receive and reset. Experience vibrational resonance to realign your tissue into the highest frequency. The frequency of healthy organ tissue has been recorded and tuning forks are created that hold the healthy frequency of each organ. When tuning forks are used on the organs, the tissue aligns with the resonance of the tuning forks.  I assist your transformation through the use of tuning forks, Himalayan metal bowls, LED, infrared lights, essential oils, and Reiki energy.     $155/hr

Brain Nuclei Therapy

This technique is utilized for releasing trauma loops (physical, emotional, mental) stored with in the Brain and restoring Peace and Harmony in the mind.  The Amygdala is where the alarm center is stored and turning off the old warning systems to past traumas assists in bringing you into the current time frame. When there is calm in the moment, the deeper healing is enabled. The feeling is described as the ability to assess the trauma as the witness. After which, other nuclei are accessed and activated to clear the trauma and recalibrate the chemistry for restoration. To understand more of this work, please refer to Dr. Bruno Chikly $155/hr

Inner Male and Inner Female Healing

(Zoom Session Available)

At the moment of conception, our parents “stamp us” energetically. They are our masculine and feminine imprint. Our parents pass on their wounds and traumas through their DNA, as well as through their Energetics and behaviors during their relationship with each other while you are in-utero, childhood and growing up. This conversation, meditation and breath work is focused on identifying and healing both your inner masculine and inner feminine. Clearing, healing and realignment with the Original and Highest Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energy (Father Sky and Mother Earth) The inner healing shifts the relationships experienced in the physical realm. We discuss the traits and qualities of both parents and discover the energy you are projecting upon the the “others” in your reality. We project both blessings and wounds, but the wounds are what we see most. When we identify the wounds and clear them, the relationships with the “others” will be shifted! This is the process of taking full responsibility of yourself to shift your life!  $155/hr

Interactive Shamanic Sound Journey

(Zoom Session Available)

 We create our reality. Most every experience is projection and reflection. We either unconsciously attract our pain and suffering to be brought to our attention to be healed or we begin to consciously co-create with Divinity. Disbalance of the inner male and inner female, chakras and ancestral traumas trigger and create blocks in our energetic  as well as our physical bodies resulting in reoccurring patterns of wounds in your life. Un-wellness of the energetic bodies is created furthering triggering of un-wellness in the emotional, mental or physical bodies. Miasms are the result of unhealed blockages being replicated through the lineage. Healing the DNA clears the Miasms thus freeing the Soul to experience life as Divine Original Light. This is an interactive experience. An extremely powerful experience. I request that your Journey begins with an email of your Life timeline of traumas. This meditation helps you to feel, heal and deal with the traumas. When you are on the Light bed, I clear your externally while assisting you to clear your body internally. I teach you to breathe, pray (intentions), meditate and visualize through the use of sound and energy to clear and create a Heart Temple to promote your highest healing. Our Hearts create a Torus and energetic field around our body. When we actively meditate we increase the field from 20 Photons of Light per second to 100,000 per second. I use a guided meditation and breath work to clear blocks in both the inner male and inner female, chakras and Ancestral DNA through the practice of Ho’oponopono.   $166/hr

Physical Based Sessions

Suggested for clearing and relief of Physical issues

All sessions are performed while on the Light frequency bed!

Upper Cervical, Ears, Eyes and Inner Mouth Release

Release of restrictions in the upper cervicals, inner mouth, ears and eyes. Non-latex gloved work. $166 /hr

Craino-Sacral Therapy

The release and opening of the cranium and unwinding of spine and sacrum. Experience nourishing flow of Chi, lymph, blood and endocrine chemistry into your core. $166/hr

Lymphatic Drainage

Restoration of the lymphatic system. All organs have a direction of drainage. When we experience emotional, mental or physical shock or trauma, our bodies freeze. The waters within, our lymphatics may not return to the correct direction of fluid flow. This causes back up in our system, just like plumbing in our home. I check all of the organs and restore the ones that have been traumatized.  $166/hr

Lymphatic Drainage and Visceral Manipulation

The combination of these two powerful modalities create a deep reset and restoration of the organs. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) 0ur organs “house” our emotions. The Lungs holds onto grief, the liver holds onto anger, the Kidneys hold onto safety and security issues etc. Our traumas, dramas, pain and suffering become energetic densities that we stuff away. Over time the wounds fester and we begin to see health issues. The practice of opening the organs, breaking up the densities, restoring the correct chi and lymphatic flow results in healthier organs and therefore healthier Body, Mind and Soul.  $166/hr

Nervous System Reset

These are intense times for many people and can be very draining and depleting. The nervous system is a conductor that is based upon electricity. Information regarding our inner dialogue and external environment that is carried back and forth at the speed of light. The Energy dims when the density of wounds, traumas and dramas are being played out. This sessions helps to restore the inner light through reconnection with breath, quiet and inner peace. $166/hr

Kundalini Yoga

(on the Sacred Red Rocks or zoom!)

This is the ultimate yogic practice! The combination of breath, meditation, chant and core focus!

call for pricing please

Brain Nuclei Therapy

Myofascial Release Massage

(suspended until further notice) Please inquire..updates daily!

Fascial release allows a body to let go of tensions that constrict. Releasing the musculature and skeletal systems clears pinched nerves and cell waste. Fresh blood, lymph, chi & heath are restored. Clay hot packs, essential oils and the LED lights are included. $175/hr

Intuitive Enhancements May Be Included in Service


The anointment and inhalation of essential oils in vibrational therapy.

L.E.D. Light Therapy

Experience the bliss of poylchromatic and infrared lights. Relax on a heated crystal bed under the LED pads. Stimulating energy, ATP, collagen and nitric oxide, pain and inflammation are reduced.

Intuitive Enhancements May Be Included in Service

Flower Essences

After the Session, the use of Flower Essences to complete the vibrational shift.


Cupping is an incredible way to clear deep toxins from the body. Where there is an accumulation of cellular waste, there is pain. Cupping brings waste to the surface and enables the body to release.

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