44 Sacred Vision Paintings

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I Am Freequency!

Tarot Oracle deck and book by Kymberley Griffin

The Vision Paintings can be utilized by choosing a card that appeals to you. You can spin the wheel and just allow a card to be chosen. You can set an intention regarding an issue that you would like to focus on and choose a number. The correlating card will be the one you use to meditate with to heal.

An individual Vision Painting and the full Interpretation is available for purchase. You will be emailed both the full Vision Painting and the complete accompanying Interpretation. The print can be laminated and placed upon your altar or used as a card to carry with you. The Meditations offered are to be practiced for 21 days in a row before starting to clear a new frequency.

The Vision Paintings are available for any person who is seeking and ready to change their life. They are a succession of levels of awareness, with related clearings and healings that begin with lower vibrations and rise up into higher vibrations. The Vision Paintings are used to gaze and meditate upon. They hold the frequencies. The Interpretations clear personal wounds and move on to clear Collective traumas. The interpretations offer insight into your current frequency and assist on the journey to return Divinity within. Each Card offers Astrology, Chakras, Vibrational Consciousness, Symbology, Sacred Sounds and Meditations to assist the Energetic Shift.

My Visions have been a lifelong occurrence. They began as dreams and evolved into visions that occurred while I was awake. I would see futuristic events, people or places. After my near death experience in 2014 the ability to paint the Visions manifested. The unique ”people” would appear and know that I would see them and honor them with a painting.

The 44 Vision Paintings are a Blessing and a Gift from Source Creator. All Vision Paintings were lovingly hand painted and infused with energy. Each Vision Painting represents a frequency. All Vision Paintings are enhanced with metallic paint which amplifies the frequencies. All Vision Paintings are a map to Higher timelines of existence and a portal into another dimension of reality. Along with the Vision Paintings are the interpretations that have been downloaded. When the Vision Paintings are combined with the interpretations they intensify the personal energetic shift.

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