I am Honored and Blessed to assist each and every Being that has requested my Service through my Healing Gifts. During our session together I will guide you through breath work and visualizations for your inner journey that will enhance your healing experience. Breath brings Prana or life force within. When directed with focused intention into the body, the healing energies move dense blocked and stagnant energy out. Old energy is used up life force that may be held in the tissues due to traumatic and stressful situations. Releasing the stagnant energies allows new energy full of vital life force to nourish and heal the entire being form the inside out. Meditation brings us closer to our Divine Self. Visualization assists with the healing process. The images that we are able to visualize, we are able to manifest. These techniques are simple and easy to learn. They become tools to be used every day and will continue to unfold like a blossoming flower.

While you activate Prana and visualize your healing from within, I am tuned into your highest self. I see your Energetic “map“ and use keys to unlock the blocks. I follow your body as you open and unfold. I am intuitive and dowse without judgment or agenda. I often see and hear information that will be of service for you to release and realign your body and your life. I may use a combination of tuning forks and crystals or Himalayan bowls as well as cranio sacral, reiki, visceral or lymphatic drainage and finish with a gong bath. Each session is unique and varies according to where you are in the moment. Each session builds upon and is supported by the previous treatment.

Crystal Light Bed

Coherent Light Therapy

Experience 7 crystals with laser wands that focus light into the chakras. Rejuvenation and a deep realignment is the feeling described when receiving. Set intention to align your energy field into a higher vibration The Lakhovsky disks and Tesla coils pulse energy around and into the body. This helps to rebuild our bio-electric immune system.

Vibrational Sound and Energy Healing

(Zoom Session Available: Relax at home with ear buds in and receive)

Shift your vibration to shift your life. Clear and realign your body, mind and spirit through the use of tuning forks, Himalayan metal bowls, lights, essential oils and energy. $125 / 60 minutes 

Energy Clearing

(Long Distance Session Available)

Clearing, removal of energetic blockages and restoration of the Chakras, Auric Field, Ida and Pingala. $125/ 60 minutes

Upper Cervical, Ears, Eyes and Inner Mouth Release

(suspended until further notice)

Release of restrictions in the upper cervicals, inner mouth, ears and eyes. $125 / 60 minutes 

Craino-Sacral Therapy

The release and opening of the cranium and unwinding of spine and sacrum. Experience nourishing flow of Chi, lymph, blood and endocrine chemistry into your core. $125/ 60 Minutes 

Myofascial Release Massage

(suspended until further notice)

Fascial release allows a body to let go of tensions that constrict. Releasing the musculature and skeletal systems clears pinched nerves and cell waste. Fresh blood, lymph, chi & heath are restored. $125/ 60 minutes 

Inner Male and Inner Female Healing

(Zoom Session Available)

A guided meditation focused on identifying and healing both your inner masculine and inner feminine. The inner healing shifts the relationships experienced in the physical realm. $125/ 60 Minutes

Add On’s


The anointment and inhalation of essential oils in vibrational therapy. $25

L.E.D. Light Therapy

Experience the bliss of poylchromatic and infrared lights. Relax on a heated crystal bed under the LED pads. Stimulating energy, ATP, collagen and nitric oxide, pain and inflammation are reduced. $40

Add On’s

Flower Essences

After the Session, the use of Flower Essences to complete the vibrational shift. $25


Cupping is an incredible way to clear deep toxins from the body. Where there is an accumulation of cellular waste, there is pain. Cupping brings waste to the surface and enables the body to release. $35

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