Coherent Light

Experience 7 crystals with laser wands that focus light into the chakras. Rejuvenation and a deep realignment is the feeling described when receiving. Set intention to align your energy field into a higher vibration The Lakhovsky disks and Tesla coils pulse energy around and into the body. This helps to rebuild our bio-electric immune system.

Coherent Light Experience Enhancements


The anointment and inhalation of essential oils in vibrational therapy.

L.E.D. Light Therapy

Experience the bliss of poylchromatic and infrared lights. Relax on a heated crystal bed under the LED pads. Stimulating energy, ATP, collagen and nitric oxide, pain and inflammation are reduced.

Coherent Light Experience Enhancements

Flower Essences

After the Session, the use of Flower Essences to complete the vibrational shift.


Cupping is an incredible way to clear deep toxins from the body. Where there is an accumulation of cellular waste, there is pain. Cupping brings waste to the surface and enables the body to release.

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