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Astrological map to your Highest Consciousness

I have 40 years of Astrological awareness. Prior to computers I practiced old school calculations by hand. I have insight into and understanding of many time lines. I am a guide offering realignment into your highest vibrational alignment and how to access Bliss♡

I practice at the World famous and #1 Destination Spa Enchantment and Mii Amo in Sedona Az. I am available for private consultations.

Zoom Sessions Are Available For Both Astrological Consultations and Oracle Journies

All Session Are Available Through Zoom or in Person

Natal report $222/hr

A complete detailed interpretation of your Birth information from the perspective of Sacred Geometry and Vibrational Alignment through Consciousness and Awareness. Guidance into your highest expression of your Planetary configuration. Each Astrological placement represents a facet of your Soul. Information provided includes; dedication, subconscious, perceptions, inner female and inner male, self mastery, awakening, spirituality, transformation, past life and evolution and healing abilities. A natal chart and two transit charts accompany a 5 to 7 page report.
Each additional hour $111

Conversation continuation $122/hr

For returning Clients who have already had their chart and report prepared within a 6 month period. We can explore and go deeper together.

Natal aspect interpretation $122/hr

Insight into your Lessons and Blessings that your Soul brought into your life experience.

Transit Interpretation $122/hr

A look into the current and future incoming energetics of the relationship between your Natal Planets, the Transiting Planets and how to best navigate the experiences.

Oracle Reading $133/hr

20 Oracle decks are consulted to create a map of the journey you are on.

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All Sessions Are Available Through Zoom or In Person

Synastry Reading $333/hr

Synastry Interpretation is the practice of understanding two Individual charts and how each person influences the Other. The perspectives of each person is included. Two charts and a report are provided.

Composite Reading $222/hr

A Composite reading is the practice of combining two Individuals charts and understanding the relationship as One entity. One chart and a report are provided.

Astrocartography $222/hr

A detailed exploration of the Planetary influences in relationship to where you live, wish to move to or would like to visit. The Energetics of the Planets will activate, influence and shift your life depending upon where you are upon the Earth. A map and a report are provided.

Asteroid interpretations $222/hr

Understanding the deeper often hidden psychology through the Archetypes. Choose between Love, Money or the dark (wounds) Asteroids. Maps will be provided.

Learn How to Interpret Astrology or Tarot Readings$125/hr Zoom Live

If you are interested in understanding Astrology or Tarot, to either learn about your Natal (Birth) chart and the many levels of yourself or to learn how to use Tarot (Oracle) cards to delve into your psyche. I will teach you how to do so with ease.

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